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Chepstow Castle

Painting of Chepstow Castle

This is my perhaps my most successful piece. It has been a winner in both local and national competitions.

It is a straight forward watercolour landscape. I will not insult your intelligence by telling you where…!

There are a couple of reasons why I painted this picture. The scene shows, I think, a neat juxtaposition of various eras of building that creates a town and gives it charm and I believe that is an appropriate tribute to human endeavour.

My favourite bit is in the foreground. There is a small group of people that have collected next to a garage. What is the dynamic? Is it a meeting of close friends? Is somebody getting mugged? Is a drug deal going down? A protection racket? A neighbour’s dispute? You can permute so many scenarios. They are images of real people who can never know their connection with the viewer and that seems so lonely.

A recent irony is it was submitted to the same gallery that years before rated it as excellent yet now it is not even recognised. C’est la vie.


Chepstow Castle
Chepstow Castle
Soft Textured Fine Art Paper 310gsm