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Well! Here I go. I must confess; I had hoped but thought I never would be granted the privilege of writing a piece such as this. Frankly, I am far more comfortable in the company of the back room boys and the logic of “Let’s just crack on and leave others to claim credit”. It seems circumstances change. It is an honour to acknowledge the help of others.

I could suggest this was a sole effort but that is simply ridiculous. This web site is a collaboration between many and to be fair some I doubt even know they were involved. To them please accept my unreserved apologies for any embarrassment caused by inclusion. I fervently hope the opposite happens and you are flattered.

There are others to whom I must express gratitude. They include.

David Yetton! Thank you Mr Y. You know why I am grateful. For others: what more can you expect from a friend than being safe in the knowledge he will convince nurses he will pick you up from a cardiac ward in Surrey while on holiday in Bulgaria? In my defence David they nicked my mobile phone before I could give warning. Thank you Mr Y.

There are my sisters Frinsk, Mary and my son James I am grateful for your unconditional support, editorial skills used in producing the copy included in this web site and for your judicious use of “Oh David are you sure?” restraining me from ludicrous excess. Thank you Katherine, Mary and James.

There is youngest sister Emma who made the kind introduction to the graphic designers RawInspirations who were essential in the production of this web site. Emma, I hope this makes us even for the desperate drive/escape from the New Ocean Club in Cardiff in a lime green Ford Escort. Thank you Emma.

There is penultimately Mr. A Emptage of The Art Company in Wokingham. Without his skill as a photographer there would be no prints that could seriously be posted onto this web-site. Somehow my attempts are always out of focus, usually include one of my fingers or and how I don’t know bits of my nose?!? His skills as a picture framer are excellent and his and his assistant’s skill at choosing frames and picture mounts is I think part of the dark arts. His encouragement and diplomatic ability to curb the pomposity of an artist are exceptional. Thank you Andy. Is there any chance you will ever put your business details onto a sticker we can put on the back of each frame?

There is last, never least and without an equivocation a huge thank you! To Mrs. R. Wilson of RawInspirations. How can I describe her contribution without gushing? I shall try. It was essential. Her industry and capability excelled and exceeded expectation. Over and above her superlative competence was her stoic tolerance of unexpected outbursts of artistic angst. Sorry I mean her ability to ignore expressions of petulant whining and carping of a middle aged man who should have known better; went far beyond the call of duty. Thank you Rachael and I hope you don’t mind if this web site is dedicated to you?

For you all I hope as the result of your efforts this site soars stratospheric rather than plummet earthward which it most surely would had I been left to my own devices.