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Worm’s Head


This is a watercolour painting of the headland at Rhossili known as Worms Head. No it’s not a worm. The word is well I was always told Viking but according to Google its Old English. In any event the word means dragon.

In the painting Worm’s Head is that tiny weenie bit of headland in the away background. If you squint you might just see it.

The painting has had to be repaired. I had forgotten all about it and found by accident It had suffered from the neglect becoming rather mouldy. It looked more like “Flak over Swansea” A bit ironic as during the second world war the city was quite extensively bombed.

The beach at Rhossili is massive and a wonder to behold. As I mentioned in the introduction to the Pennard Castle painting, Three Cliffs Bay has some fierce competition for the best beach and Rhossili is serious contender.

The beach is bordered inland by mountains which make it a favourite spot for Hang Gliders or did when I was younger. You used to be able to camp on the fossil beach between the current beach and the mountains but the National Trust put a stop to that sort of malarkey.

The reason for the painting is Nostalgia. It is of a time when I was younger working but with no responsibilities I was as rich as Solomon. There was a group of us a sort of gang. It was not like the Sharks or the Jets. None of us could dance for a start and there was no one called Maria. It was a group of friends who for about three years were very close. The picture is of the beach on New Year’s Day when we went skinny dipping. The water wasn’t really cold mind you we were anaesthetised with alcohol. It was a typical lost week-end. At some point and how we got there I have absolutely no idea we ended up in a pub in Kidwelly – The castle there was shut- talking to the Landlord who was apparently a retired test pilot. Now according to him He flew the lightning jet fighter in the sixties which could just about get into space it had such a powerful engine. I don’t know if this is correct but I am sure that was what he said but then again I was both very very young and very very drunk at the time.

Worm's Head
Worm's Head
Soft Textured Fine Art Paper 310gsm

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