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Cannibal Surf Babe


This is my first and only success at Surrealism, I sold it probably for less than the picture is worth but was so pleased that someone liked it the price seemed unimportant. My wife, family and friends still think I was a fool to sell it. I am not sure they are correct.

It has achieved some success in local competitions.

I presume you would like to know the meaning of the piece. I don’t think an explanation helps. I could drone on for pages about kittens, puppies, the dark side, guilt, catharsis, desire and on and on ad nauseum; bombarding you with trivia and you’d be none the wiser. I think a brief explanation would be sufficent then off you go. Interpret the piece as you wish

The painting is in essence adolescent erotica. It starts with the swimsuit and the splay of colour within that I find fascinating. As you move out from the centre sub texts develop that contradict, compliment or are a paradox to the central theme.  I think the painting works best viewed from a comfy chair with music played loud. I’d like to say “and with the light off” but you won’t be able to see the picture. A glass of wine and a spot-light may help.

The piece is currently undergoing restoration. It has been a long time since I painted the original and from this end of my time line some parts require elaboration.


Soft Textured Fine Art Paper 310gsm

If you wish to purchase more than 10 copies of this print, please contact me via the contact page to request a quote.