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Scary Cat

Abstract cat

This is one of my favourite pieces. The original is quite old but then so am I. It has suffered many alterations since its creation, but then so have I.

It is done in pencil ink and water colour/poster paints on card.

It has often been just call “Untitled” for want of something better but recently with a rush of blood to the head I thought it should be called “If you don’t open your eyes it can’t see you” a reference to childhood nightmares and I think that sums up just how precious an artist can get.

I must introduce you to Andy a friend of mine. He frames my paintings and produces for me digital copies. Anyway, we were talking about various projects and suddenly he burst out with “…David about that painting. You know the one…Scary Cat…”Thank you Andy. That’s me deservedly put in my place.

The painting is what it is. Please make of it what you wish.


Scary Cat
Scary Cat
Soft Textured Fine Art Paper 310gsm

If you wish to purchase more than 10 copies of this print, please contact me via the contact page to request a quote.