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Sancho! What the fuck happened to all the windmills?


 This is a bit of a whimsical trivial piece. Basically its me larking about.

The two characters are Don Quixote and his esquire Sancho Panza. Have you read Cervantes’ novel? I know it is hailed as one of the greatest novels ever but I found it really dense.

The picture just mucks about with shapes. The checkerboard is based on ECG traces of mine when I wasn’t very well. The foreground is the trace made when they plugged me in and passed 3500 joules through me. When I recovered conciousness I had this electrical burn on my chest. So angrily I asked the nurses “How much “expletive  deleted” elecrictiy did you pass through me?!?” “Not enough” they replied!

I like it for some reason it looks to me 1970’s kitsch.

I keep feeling there should be a third rider so I could sell it as a Christmas card except they are going the wrong way.

Sancho! WTF happened to all the windmills?
Sancho! WTF happened to all the windmills?
Soft Textured Fine Art Paper 310gsm

If you wish to purchase more than 10 copies of this print, please contact me via the contact page to request a quote.