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Certain Sunday Afternoons

Beach landscape

This was once called Ghost of a Mist for want of something better. This title never felt right and gradually became more twee, cringe-worthy and just worse over time. This is not really a surprise I am pretty useless at giving titles to my paintings. Certain Sunday Afternoons just feels more appropriate even if it is a bit confused.

The painting is of a sea mist drifting in and marking the end of a sunny summer’s day. You’d think that would make for a dreary scene. I hope I have shown the contrary. There is always something else to appreciate than the anticipated. Such things are often better because they are tinged with a pleasure of discovery.  In this painting there are the seagulls breaking the stillness, the electric blue of an abandoned boat, the beached tree trunks and the shouting yellow of the flower spikes. Even mediocrity has value. Mind you it could just be it’s a mediocre painting by a mediocre artist. You decide but I’d prefer that you don’t tell me.

Oh and by the way it is a traditional watercolour. By a process of deduction I think it is the mouth of the River Alun near St David’s in Pembrokeshire.

Certain Sunday Afternoons
Certain Sunday Afternoons
Soft Textured Fine Art Paper 310gsm

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