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Three Cliffs Bay


This is a watercolour done some time ago. It could be regarded as a sister piece to Pennard Castle but it isn’t. The castle is located to the left of the scene for those who wish to know.

It is a view of the bay at the height of the holiday season and as you can see it is such a crowded beach. There must be …well…It must be at least about 8 people in the scene. They are the tiny specks at the centre of the painting.

There isn’t any real meaning to the painting unless you wish there to be one. I just think it is a lovely scene and at the time I needed the practice. Still do. Don’t know where the original is now or even if it is extant. It has probably ended up in the same place as the commission I did for my late aunt – Landfill. Maybe the time team will get a chance to appreciate the paintings.

This is a digitally enhanced version.

Three Cliffs Bay
Three Cliffs Bay
Soft Textured Fine Art Paper 310gsm

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