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I remember a time when all this wasn’t just fields and trees


 This is a view of the Dare Valley It is now a Country Park but was a former colliery site.

 I just googled Dare Valley Country Park and there was no mention of its history. The site however did advertise free parking, a venue for weddings and a place to go camping.

That is so depressing.

I am all for conservation and reclamation..Crikey I have a degree in the subject…but not at the expense of history.

Men and Women lived and died in this place and their endeavours seem simply to have been dismissed as irrelevant.

I grew up next to a disused coliery. It was a bizarre paradise. We used to catch snakes, scree run, toboggan down the coal tips, ride the tipper buckets, clamber about derelict buildings and countless other things. It was a wild, wonderful and dangerous place. Its been reclaimed now and nobody goes there.

Sometimes I think the reclamation movement is less about saving this planet and more about the creatiom of bucolic scenes remeniscent of the scottish highlands or the oxfordshire countryside where the privelidged few stared visitfully at sunsets while on their hols before they were carted off to exclusive schools where they are moulded into something in the city, the governement or heaven forfend the conservation movement.

I remember a time when all this wasn't just fields and trees
I remember a time when all this wasn't just fields and trees
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