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Funny thing….I was once the centre of her universe

Teddy bear on beach

It is a sentimental piece. On a superficial level it is a celebration of cuddly toys.

I think they are important in a child’s development. I trained originally as an ecologist and we had to study animal behaviour. I remember a photograph of this baby primate (We are no different) being studied. It had been deprived of its mother and presented with three models. An almost perfect replica of its mother but in porcelain, a wire cage wrought exactly to the shape of the mother and a misshapen furry rag. The baby unerringly went to the last and became very distressed if this was removed. I just thought “Oh come on leave the monkey alone. Give it back to its mum.

The point of the exercise is that we like our ancestors are extremely tactile and cuddly toys in our infancy are important to us. As we grow however to paraphrase a biblical parable we put away childish things and usually without a moment’s thought. That I think is very sad. Okay it is an inanimate object but there is such a thing as animism. Maybe it is just a thankless task caring for others. Who wins between a clod and a pebble?

There are other reasons for the painting and that is the mixture of browns and blues, the texture of the background and wonderful play of light and shadow.

I really like the piece but as far as I can work out nobody else does.


Funny-thing… I was once the centre of her universe
Funny-thing… I was once the centre of her universe
Soft Textured Fine Art Paper 310gsm

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